About Me

I graduated from George Mason University with a dual major in fine art and foreign languages. I concentrated on the visual arts, namely, photography and painting. Photography tends to be my passion that is a break from all of the technology which is my primary career. I enjoy getting out into nature, which also provides a lot of opportunity for nature photography. Nonetheless, I also do provide photographic services in the Washington DC area, and Northern Virginia region. I specialize in portrait photography, head shots, group shots, and I am also available for weddings, and most other photography services .

In addition I do professional printing. I can provide basic professional photographs, but I also do gallery quality photo printing using archival inks, archival papers, and archival matting. I also use a service for making coffee table books, and also to make books of the weddings, and other events.

My Photographic Style

I prefer natural light photography, although I do have basic studio equipment. I do not have a studio, but I have mobile equipment to establish a studio on location. Generally, I do not perform heavy editing on any of my photographs. I do not use PhotoShop, but I will make corrects, and potentially make creative edits. I am open to more creative editing of photographs, but I do prefer more basic, true-to-life photographs. In my photographs, I use existing light, and do basic adjustment with the photographs such as color balance, dodge, burn, crop, etc., which are just some of the basic techniques to bring out the image I had imagined. I do sometimes use basic tools to be more creative, either through simple black and white conversion, color enhancement, or the like. I also do some basic touch-up work.

My photographic style is more photo-journalistic, perhaps documentary, for the most part. I enjoy the raw natural look to life and people, and the honest stories they tell. The moment is more interesting to me often then the composition or technical perfection, although my work includes all three. My other work, which is more art photography, tends to be experimentation with dramatic light and textures.

My Professional Life

I am an IT professional. I have been working in information technology since 1996. As with my personal life, I enjoy creating and building things in my professional life. What I create in my professional life is software products, preferably Web-based, websites or software solutions, and systems. What inspires me most about creating software products is idea sharing. I enjoy taking on challenges and finding solutions. There is an opportunity to use my analytical  and creative mind to synthesize new products. Building software is like creating a work of art. In either situation, practical or not, we take an idea from our head and turn it into something real.

‘Homo Universalis’ philosophy has guided my career development as well as my personal life. I want to be well rounded, and have practical, real, and direct experience at every level of the software development life cycle. I have direct experience at every level of the software development lifecycle. I have worked as a network administrator, a network engineer, a systems support engineer, a software quality engineer, software developer, a business requirements analyst, and most recently in my favorite role as product manager. I have a knack for digging down, understanding the product, and being able to see a future and direction. True to any work of art, there is a strategy and a direction to completion. The experience, skills, and understanding I gained working in product development makes me efficient, capable of communicating across teams, and gives me the insight necessary to take a product from concept to market.

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