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These photographs are from a short trip to Summersville, West Virginia. On the trip I visited the New Gorge River Bridge, and Babcock State Park. I choose Summersville because it seemed like it could be an interesting place to visit, and it was a suggested spot on a travel site. Summersville features West Virginia’s largest lake. The lake is man made from a large damn, and is nestled inside the mountains. The water is very clear, and known for scuba diving. Water activities are very popular, especially boating, and fishing.

After touring the Summersville, which did not take very long, I drove over to see the New Gorge River Bridge. The bridge is the third tallest bridge in the United States. After visiting the bridge I headed home. On the trip home, I found that Babcock State Park, with a minor detour, was along the route home. Babcock State Park features the Glade Creek Grist Mill which is a historic mill and a very popular photography spot. I decided to swing by to see it. The grist mill with the cascading falls was definitely a site to see. I would love to take another trip back up to see Babcock State Park, which features hikes, the Mill, a swimming pool, lake and campgrounds. The park looks like a very promising place for a camping weekend.

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