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Max wanted a photograph for his website. He wasn’t interested in portraits, but something that stood out from the website, and was a three quarter length body shot. He mentioned that another photograph may be needed to be displayed in a video, and that the background would essentially need to be transparent. After looking at some sample shots of how people used these types of shots on their websites, I saw a few that I liked, and I decided to go with more of a high-key photo. When a high-key photo is placed on a white background for a web page, the subjects just seem to pop right off of the page.

I prefer natural lighting, so we did the shoot outdoors. The location was a roof-top balcony. The day we chose was cloudy, and there was limited natural light, so I brought my mobile studio lights along with me. The natural light was a bit blue, but it still added to the overall light level, and cloudy light is a great flat light. I brought two different backdrops. I had decided to pick up a green screen as an option as well. I had never shot with a green screen before, but I know they are good for video. Max mention video, so I figured regardless if it would help with a video rendition, the background is easy to drop out anyway.

My lessons from this shoot were to be sure to bring extension cables! I have a huge bag I throw everything in. On the roof top there was a little bit of wind, and even the little breeze was enough to knock over the light weight backdrop. I really needed to have some weight to help keep the backdrop from flying away like a kite, so sand bags are another item to add to my growing list. All-in-all, the shoot went well. The 800E really did well with capturing so much depth in all of the tones.

The high-key lighting really makes Max shine, and dance off of the page. I have my favorite, I really like the photograph where I froze him in what appears to be a small dance step. I am very pleased with the professional look Max has, he still seems serious, but at the same time, his smile and energy of light makes him bounce off of the page. Max was great to work with and he is a writer, and lecturer. Check out his site, and learn more about his book at

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